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Live Reading Event

KellyFordonKelly Fordon, an award-winning writer and teacher from the Detroit metro area, explores personal and class conflicts in city and suburb. Her two recent story collections from Wayne State University Press are I Have the Answer and Garden for the Blind. Her poetry includes one book, Goodbye Toothless House, and three chapbooks. http://www.kellyfordon.com

7:00 PM – 8:45 PM EDST •  Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Email cwpoetrycircle@gmail.com for Zoom link.
The link will be sent via email the day before the event.

The reading will be followed by an open mic.
Participants are welcome to to read a poem of their own or a favorite.

Your hosts: Ed Morin, David Jibson and Lissa Perrin.

All events take place from 7 to 8:45 P.M. in the Tea Room virtually via Zoom until further notice
The Crazy Wisdom Bookstore
114 South Main Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48014


Poetry readings are scheduled the 4th Wednesday of each month (except for December and August).  These events feature a reading by one or more well-published poets, followed by an Open Mic at which anyone is welcome to read something of their own or a favorite poem.

For now all events take place virtually via Zoom. Write us at cwpoetrycircle@gmail.com to receive the link on the day of the event.


On the second Wednesday of the month, we hold a relaxed and informal poetry workshop. Anyone is welcome to participate. At a workshop, you are encouraged to present a poem you are working on for positive and constructive comment by your peers. Please bring about 8 copies of the work you are presenting. (Until further notice we will hold workshops online via Zoom. Write us at cwpoetrycircle@gmail.com to receive the link on the day of the workshop).

Your Poetry Circle Coordinators are Edward Morin, David Jibson and Rainey Lamey.

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