Poetry Workshop Guidelines

Crazy Wisdom poetry events continue to grow, including the 2nd Wednesday of the month workshops. As the group becomes larger we are providing these guidelines to smooth out and speed up the process..

  • Your poems must be uploaded to the shared drive or sent to us as an email attachment prior to the workshop. Provide only ONE file, regardless of how many poems it contains. The first poem in your document should be the piece you wish to prioritize. Your file name should identify you, not the title(s) of your work. Example: poemsDonaldSmth.docx.
  • If you are emailing your poems, please do so by noon on the day of the workshop. Use the following address: cwpoetrycircle@gmail.com
  • If you do not have work in the shared directory, you will not be reading or receiving feedback. We need to see your work on the screen to offer useful feedback. The only exception will be for first-timers and feedback will be limited.
  • When you are called upon to read it would be helpful if you would say a few words about what particular feedback you are looking for. Examples: Is the meaning of my poem clear? Do my line breaks make sense? Do I give too much or too little information? Should I think of a better title?
  • Prose pieces should be limited to 1200 words or about 4 pages of double spaced prose.

As usual the link for the next workshop will go out the day before.

David, Ed and Lissa